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Live and learn

With government or businesses forcing or urging employees to inject unknown contents into their bodies, I am blurring the lines of what DAY Communications offers to include a YouTube video and transcript that explain the position of anti-vaxxers.

Testimony transcript

The mapping of thoughts

Some things are unclear. One can think about them and draw no conclusions. For example, an interesting article published this week presents a look back at software developers’ jobs in the USA and abroad, along with other skilled workers’ employment, focusing on a now-rhetorical question: How might a national discussion about Free Trade in the Digital Age affect the US economy and the lives of workers?

map of developers

The article described the dilemma for USA developers and others two decades ago. (Hard to believe: this excerpt is from an article co-authored by Sen. Chuck Schumer and Paul Craig Roberts who served under Reagan.)

Two recent examples illustrate this concern. Over the next three years, a major New York securities firm plans to replace its team of 800 American software engineers, who each earns about $150,000 per year, with an equally competent team in India earning an average of only $20,000. Second, within five years the number of radiologists in this country is expected to decline significantly because M.R.I. data can be sent over the Internet to Asian radiologists capable of diagnosing the problem at a small fraction of the cost.

In an ideal world, Edward Snowden could come home.

Does every app have a back door?

Another reason to use software and apps!

(But read the article to discover which apps are at risk.)

Looks like a darker shade of blue.

NOTE: I have not seen any blue screens for a LONG time. Microsoft is doing a great job!

WP blog censored

Reference: Prepare for the Great Decoupling – Deplatforming moves downstream to and Mailchimp

(Featured blue-gray screen was blog with info on church cover up of child sex abuse and other claims. When I came upon it last year, I took a screenshot because it startled me. In the view of the source, one could see the content of the site.)

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