Let's Get Organized

Have some fun moving ALL of FastZone's eggs to your basket, and call us for assistance with the eggs. This is a demonstration of a Silverlight TreeView Control with DragDrop functionality.

Another demonstration of DragDrop via HTML5 is on our AspNetDesigners.com website. See the Jquery UI sortable tabs.

Drag and Drop is a popular function for many purposes on the web or desktop, etc. The Silverlight "DragDrop TreeView" can be created in a few minutes, using the right Microsoft References and "xaml" code.

Such Reference files provide source code, written by experts and available for anyone using Visual Studio, a Microsoft IDE (Integrated Development Environment) "that ensures quality code throughout the entire application lifecycle, from design to deployment."

A TreeView displays hierarchical data in a tree structure. Take a look at all its capabilities, and explore the multitude of other controls and data manipulation tools available in the Silverlight Toolkit.