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Hey you, get onto my cloud! My CLOUD SERVER, with security, speed and functionality for the latest web applications. FastZone wants to host your website and email.

Explore the Web Features section for news and ideas for your website and related interests. See our blog for a view to sites running on FastZone.

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About FastZone

and DAY Communications

  • FastZone is a cloud server FastZone is...
    is a Windows Cloud Server, hosted by located in Charlotte, N.C. OrcsWeb provides technical and maintenance support. A virtualized server, FastZone is green.
  • FastZone is for customers of DAY Communications for customers
    FastZone is the "cloud" server for DAY Communications' customers.

    Please visit DAY's website to find out how we can support your need for website and print communications.
  • Services We provide:
    » Website design by certified professional
    » Search-engine-friendly urls, metatags
    » Url redirect to domain name whether or not "www" is prepended (SEO tactic)
    » Sitemap page; submit site to major Search Engines
    » Mobile page or fluid css to adjust site to any device
    » Integration of HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, newer code
    » Accessible design for disabled people
    » Linking to your Social Media websites
    » "Fav Icon" for branding in browser address bar
    » Quarterly link testing
    » Customer support via phone and email
  • PHP and ASPNET PLUS, we offer... !
    » Assistance in domain name selection and management
    » Get leads and feedback from your website in your email
    » Login for private pages
    » Simple database creation
    » data controls and FAST functionality. Include rss and Twitter feeds. See our Designer website.
    » Branded email
    » Website statistics reporting
    and of course,
    » Upload to hosting service; hosting with us is optional.
  • Get on my cloud IIS is feature rich and fast
    FastZone is a Windows Server running IIS and ASP.NET. IIS is the fastest web server!
    It provides easy ways to establish SEO-friendly url's, redirect domain names for efficient SEO, and much more. Both ASP.NET and PHP applications will run simultaneously on IIS, so WordPress and other popular PHP applications can be deployed on FastZone.

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