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Map IT is astounding!

Take a look at a map on FastZone's website, and think of the amazing technologies that it employs.

Contact DAY to put this technology to work for your business or organization. Lifehacker rates BING Street Slide maps as better than GOOGLE Street View maps.

Take a tablet and call me in the morning

The iPad phenomenon has made me think. What's it all about? Is it a trend or a fad? If it's a trend, what IS the trend?

The iPad is a Tablet computer that starts up fast, allows the user to access online web apps, and runs iWork— Apple's word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software. It has an on-screen keyboard, no USB ports, and does not load software or multitask (No multiple windows open at the same time).

According to ComScore, 56.1% of users are men, with most making over $100,000 a year; 27% of owners are between the ages of 25 and 34. The most popular uses are: Browsing the internet, email, listening to music, reading books or the newspaper etc., watching movies and videos, and playing games.

The continued success of the iPad is likely since it complements many trends: Cloud computing, mobile lifestyles, wireless technology, the love of the internet, and people weary of operating computers with many technical needs.

As of June 2011, 25 million iPads had been sold, up from 300,000 when it debuted in April 2010. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck... well, you know the rest: It's a duck-y trend. Perhaps the trend is toward a simpler Internet experience.


So, why should you call DAY Communications as our title suggests? Call us to create web and mobile sites! Also, we can assist you with a Content Management System that lets you create content, if your device has the computing power for that. Call toDAY, 502.458.5865. Mobile Detect & Redirect IS IMPORTANT

Wow... There's lots of GOOD news!

The CDF is Born
The Computable Document Format (CDF) is a "computation-powered knowledge container—as everyday as a document, but as interactive as an app." It was launched by the Wolfram Group this summer. Documents come alive with the power of computation! Some business uses include: Investment Statements, Consulting Reports.

New PDF Capabilities
The PDF has been able to do basic math for quite some time. But it's not a .cdf. However, with Acrobat X Pro, "fillable" forms can be created so that online viewers can fill out and save them, using Adobe Reader 9 and up.

The EPUB format for online books and periodicals.
The EPUB provides re-flowable (word wrap) and re-sizable text for easy reading on a mobile phone or small screen. DAY Communications can create EPUB files.

A Very Big WOW
Check out the video on FastZone's Blog that shows what the Microsoft SURFACE will do.

Who are Kentuckiana's fastest-growing firms?
Find out on FastZone's Blog!

Attention Developers: Win $20,000!
The AT&T Developer Program is kicking off the Power your Future app contest and is looking for sustainable apps to help our customers improve their impact on the environment. Deadline to enter: 9/28/11


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