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StartPage, Then Search

The web offers many alternatives that most of us would never try without provocation. Have you ever searched on It will not record your IP address nor share your personal information with any third party, as Google will starting March first. Try it, below. Also provides an easy way to add Search to a website.

Does YOUR web host offer...

  • Website design by certified professional
  • Search-engine-friendly urls
  • Url redirect to domain name whether or not "www" is prepended (SEO tactic)
  • Sitemap page; submit site to major Search Engines
  • Mobile page and redirect script for mobile landing
  • Linking to your Social Media websites
  • "Fav Icon" for branding in browser address bar
  • Quarterly link testing
  • Customer support via phone and email?

Visit and the ASP.NET Designer and DAY Communications websites for more information on our three areas of service. A Letter of Recommendation for our services is here.

Fail to plan— plan to fail

For help in planning your marketing, get FREE fill-in-the-blank worksheets on the Free Stuff pages of, DAY Communications' website.


OfficeLive has morphed into Office 365. Manage your own site and share documents online to avoid all the emailing that gets confusing on long projects. Call for more info and visit TestDriveASharePoint.

See an "IAB Banner Ad" at the top of and watch the video for marketing ideas. The IAB sets standards for online ads. And see... Online Media Listings.


2011 Inc. 5000 Winners:

Get lots of ideas for business growth and marketing strategies by searching the Inc. Magazine website. Below are listed the top three winners of Inc's 2011 Fast 5000 Contest. A new page on our blog shows Kentuckiana's fastest-growing private companies noted on Inc's 2011 list.

Ideeli is at the top of the 2011 Inc. list of America's fastest-growing private businesses. With a 3-year growth rate of 40882%, Ideeli went from $189,510 in 2007 to $77.7 million in 2010. It's "a members-only retail site offering a curated selection of apparel, accessories, shoes, and home and travel items. Each sale starts at noon EST and lasts 40 hours." KEYS: Limit the time of the sale to create a sense of urgency; "bragging rights" create viral marketing.

NUMBER TWO: Solazyme
Solazyme, a Calif.-based company, grew from $185K in '07 to $38 million in 2010, a 3-year growth rate of 20424%. This firm "transforms plant sugars, such as sugarcane-based sucrose and corn-based dextrose, into renewable oils for use in food, fuel, skincare products, and chemicals for manufacturing. Its technique is to grow proprietary microalgae in fermentation tanks in a process it calls "indirect photosynthesis." KEY: proprietary technology.

Number Three was Number One in Advertising and Marketing! C2C Outdoor "places advertising on diverse locations, including billboards, buses, Chinese food take-out boxes, coffee sleeves, taxi tops, airport banners, chair lifts, and pizza boxes. It also employs marketing street teams for flash mobs, scooter campaigns, and product sampling and giveaways." It grew 17744% from $116,913 in '07 to $20.9 million in '10. KEY: "Achieve more with less."

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